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Our Classes

Tai chi can be organized onto 'sets' of varying length and complexity. There are dozens of different sets, each developed for a specific purpose. In our style, the long form has 108-moves. There are two logical points at which it can be truncated, thus producing shorter sets. These are after the 17th move (Introductory set) and the 55th move (Short Set).

Our novice class instruction comprises the introductory set and the short set. The introductory set is taught to the point where most novice students can perform it without assistance. The short set is taught to the point where most novice students can perform it in a group. Our novice class also includes instruction in basic meditation, and selected qigongs, including the eight pieces of brocade.

Our continuing class comprises a review of the short set, and detailed instruction on the remaining moves of the long form. By completion, most students should be able to perform the short set without assistance, and the long form in a group.

We also offer tai chi sabre form and tai chi sword form, to students who have experience in tai chi hand form.

The class is conducted in three segments. The first 45 minutes to an hour is novice instruction, the second 30 to 45 minutes is continuing instruction. The remainder is practice for experienced tai chi practitioners.

Our classes are offered through the Town of Oliver Parks & Recreation department. For additional information and registration, see their website at We currently take novice students twice a year. New classes commence in September just after school starts, and in early January. The classes are held Wednesday and Friday mornings from 09:30 to 11:30.