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Our Instructors

We are all volunteers. Most instruction is given by our instructor, Maurice Nunas, assisted by Louise-Ann Nunas. Some of the more advanced students provide personal help as needed during the class and during the breaks. These more advanced students often attend the novice and continuing classes, where they serve as "corners". Corners occupy the outer edges of the class, so that the novice students, who are asked to stay near the centre, will have someone experienced to watch, no matter which way they turn.

Maurice & Louise-Ann Nunas: In 1981, Maurice and Louise-Ann first learned tai chi from an instructor in Ottawa, Ontario, who taught a program called Tai Chi in the Workplace. Since then, they have researched and studied many of the common forms of tai chi, qigong, Shaolin stances and other related disciplines, selectively integrating techniques from many of them into their personal style. In 2014, they began teaching tai chi to their neighbours at the Cottages on Osoyoos Lake, while also practising tai chi at the Osoyoos BC Seniors Centre. Two years later, they volunteered to restart the tai chi and qigong program at the Community Centre in Oliver, BC.

Currently. Maurice & Louise-Ann study under the tutelage of Master Ben Chung of the Zhong Wen Taiji Academy (ZWTA), an association, the main aim of which is to teach tai chi instructors. They have completed courses in sword and sabre forms, Lok Hup Ba Fa (an advanced form similar to tai chi), and have studied neigong (internal working) tai chi. The ZWTA website contains interesting information and tai chi videos.