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Our Tai Chi

Tai chi as usually taught at community and seniors centres is often a highly simplified form, sometimes referred to as stick-form. There's nothing particularly wrong with this if your goal is to simply get out for a little light exercise. At the other extreme, tai chi, as taught at martial arts centres and tai chi family schools, is typically much truer to the traditional forms, with precise techniques for moving the arms, legs and torso, and for  stepping and kicking. Of course, such instruction frequently comes at a hefty price.

Our tai chi form strikes a balance between these two extremes, It is a variation on Taoist/Moy style that includes some elements of, neigong (internal working) tai chi and  related disciplines. Because we are all volunteers, and we use the facilities of the Oliver Parks and Recreation Department, the price is reasonable.

Click here to see a video of the Introductory set, performed at a beginner level.